Style A Bride With The Messy Bun

Style A Bride With The Messy Bun

With the wedding day, even the most polished of hairstyles turn into giant messes. So why not create a messy bun that looks better and better as the day wears on? Here are a few quick steps to achieving a messy bun!

* Step 1: Throw your hair into a mid ponytail
* Step 2: Spray any fly aways with a light weight hairspray.
* Step 3: Take a boar bristle teasing comb and tease the ponytail
* Step 4: Wrap the ponytail around itself and when you have about three inches of hair left separate the sections and twist in opposite directions.
* Step 5: Secure the pieces on top of the bun with a few bobby pins

There you go! Remember: the messier the better!

Below are some suggestions of messy bun for Brides:

Messy bun 01

Messy bun 02

Messy bun 03

Messy bun 05

Messy bun 06

Messy bun 07

Messy bun 08

Messy bun 09

Messy bun 10

Messy bun 11

Messy bun 12

Messy bun 04



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